Weekend Adventure

You may wonder why most people are fond of traveling somewhere especially to secluded places where you have to go through mountains, tall woods, and even slippery roads just to see the real nature. Well, you know lemme share to you a place we have been into this weekend. It’s actually far from the smoky areas of the city. The only thing seemed smoking there was the fog the embraces the place. It was a beautiful trip even though it was raining but still worth the time, money, and energy.

It was kind of a road trip  travel with me and my friends from Dumaguete City to the mountain of Sibulan, Negros Oriental. We really had a nice experience along the way. We even had a quick stop just because of the slope roads we have to get through. It was raining and cold, however we took advantage of the scenery and the fact that it was fogging and it was about 1 in the afternoon.

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It took us about two hours on the road traveling, and enjoying the fog. We were on the top of the mountain already, and the fog was so captivating,  we felt like we were going to Baguio. (Haha!) Also, it is rear to find houses on this area. The nature is amazing!

Here’s our destination. Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park is a natural park in the Philippines surrounding Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao in the province of Negros Oriental 14.5 kilometres west of Dumaguete.

Let’s take a look!

We arrived there around 3 in the afternoon. There was only two groups visited, and that includes our group. So, here’s a quick shot we took in the registration area. It costs 20 pesos for students, and 40 pesos for student who is not from Negros Oriental.

The service were good, and the staff were accommodating.

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This small lake is just around the corner of where the registration area is located. There are cottages, and I think they also accept reservations.

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This is so nice! The view. And if you could notice, it is still fogging on the top of the mountain. The place is surrounded with tall trees that makes the temperature super cold but still we managed. What I love the most here is the undisturbed stillness of the water, the reflection of the trees. This is the perfect view for unwinding.

Going into the woods adventure heading to the Twin Lake and you have to take 500 steps basically going down. Be careful to take your steps ahead since it’s slippery.

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The Lake Balinsasayao view when you arrive. This is the first lake of the “Twin Lake”

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They also offer rented boats where you can go travel and see the rest of the lake somewhere secluded. It costs 250 pesos not depending on the number of person. By the way, you have to take the boat so you will be able to see the other “twin” of this lake. Then we actually took a ride with the tour guide. Why it is called “Balinsasayao?”, according to her, who is the tour guide, it was named so because of the ‘sayaw’ birds that flock in the area of the lake. ‘Sayaw’ means dance in Cebuano. ‘Sayaw’ and later on changed to ‘Sayao’ is a local name of a bird due to its graceful and fluid movement. Another information is that this lake provides clean water to three municipalities of the province namely Amlan, Sibulan, and San Jose. This is the very reason they do not allow swimmers.

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This photo was captured when we were in the midst of the Lake heading to the other side.

Whoa! This is the scenery at the top of the lake. As you can see the lake is being surrounded with tress and hills.

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The second of the “Twin Lake”. Fish Spa is also available here for free!

There is nothing interesting than going to places you have never been into. In places where you find your peace with the healing power of nature. And of course, travel with your friends who are always ‘on the go’ for adventure far from the city life.

 So you have already seen my travel within this province and there are still other places I want to go. Be updated for more travel soon! 🙂

For more photos, see this link: https://www.instagram.com/aiirishx/


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