For Those Who Try

This is for you. Yes! you, who is already fed up and done with the pace of life but still keeps to trying over and over again. You wake up in the morning feeling the same thing you wanted to get rid off last night, but it’s always there. The thought of sending yourself to sleep to at least heal the unwanted, inconvenient little wound that scars you might help you forget the things that bother you lately, and so you did. But, it keeps coming back. The feelings.. the sadness that scares you at night, the happiness that draws the curve in your lips, the anxiety you get anytime and anywhere and you would not even know what to do, and the depressing thought that scorch your good state of mind away. They are back again, but because you are you, then you do not stop there. You hope and try again, send yourself to sleep because tomorrow might be good for something.

In the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why,  Hannah Baker said, “What if the only way not to feel bad, is to stop feeling anything at all, forever?” It’s kind of usual line we say to ourselves when everything had gone to be too weak and helpless, but life does not stop there. You move forward and gets even excited what could be there is the next days, until there would be one moment you would wonder how far you’ve been through and you would thank yourself that you did not give up. When you look back, you will always remember how you swam in the ocean when you were almost drowning.

Always recall that no matter how frustrating or hard it gets to be, never stop trying. Continue to hold on to hope. Exhaust all the feelings you’ve been trying to keep in yourself, let them be and feel them because they demand to be felt. Once you know how to deal with them, it would be easier to carry them no matter how heavy. And, it does not even matter what are they all about or how these monsters left you empty, what matter is that you do not stop. You do not stop trying.




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