An Open Letter to A Guy

Ir’s been three years now since you left for the other girl who is your ex-girlfriend. I never thought you could do that to me, and I’ve felt much pain when you never opened it up to me when you had the chance. I just found out that you’re with her officially through Facebook. I had to chat you and asked you what went wrong, when I could not remember anything bad that I have done. I know that you’re gone and so am I.

When you never appreciate my effort for traveling couple of hours from the province to the city just to see you, you lose me. I’m already gone.

The moment you let me do your engineering drawing because you’re tired, and later on did not hear any “thank you”, I’m gone again and you lose me.

Did you remember how I could spend so much time with you? But I only saw eyes full of doubt and discontentment. You lose me.

I’ve given you everything until one night you gave me a kiss to say goodbye. I never thought it would be the last time I’d see you.

I sent you text in the morning after that night, but you never responded the whole day. I did not hear from you anymore after I waited for like three days. I did not know what happened.

I was not thinking that you’re pissed off of me, because we were so okay when you kissed me goodbye. I could not think of reasons why you would not at least reply to my messages. I did nothing wrong and you left me hanging thinking I’m a woman not to be respected. I looked like a fool.

But God never allowed me to suffer too much.

You gave me questions you’re the only one who could answer, so I took the courage to chat you. But you never replied. All I did was sent you too much rants on Facebook  then I stopped bothering you.

I engaged myself into school activities. I did not let myself be consumed by the bitterness and sadness, then I met new people. Lots of people that are enough to forget about you.

Months passed by, I saw your name on top of my chat box. You asked me forgiveness, but I never took it seriously. You wanted me to talk and you asked for a second chance using the word “please”. I know you’re begging for me to come back. But it’s too late. I could not just go back into your life when you broke me, when you still had me. I could not just go back to what crumpled me. I could not just exchange the better life to the one’s toxic and to what’s already gone. I felt too emotionless to say something. Honestly, I never felt anything when you begged me to see you because I could not stand seeing your face anymore.

Did you see the cycle of life? What you give will comes back to you twice.

You gave me heartache, now you  have to suffer double of the pain I felt when you left me hanging. You need a lesson though!

A year later, one of my friends told me there is a gift for me and it’s from you. It was bag of memory that you want to give it back to  me.

I remembered I gave you a shirt, then you said in your letter card that you can’t wear the shirt anymore because every time you wear it, you’d remember me. You want to move on. You wrote in your letter that you dated several girls but all you’ve received was rejections. You said on you letter that you still think about me even you date with somebody else.

I am a soft person and I know karma got you. This time, there is no turning back.

I did not ask that you should feel much sadness but I guess what life has to teach you is to let you learn lessons from what you did, and I’m happy so you’ll know how to appreciate and be good to women next time around.



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